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 In Ireland over the past number of years a lot of concertinas are coming in from Enland and elsewhere. When I stated making these instruments everything was imported. 

Anyone in the throes of buying will hear so much information coming at them from teachers and other parents and players that would put them off the instrument  from the start.

The big names from the past are the Wheatstone and the Latchenal and the Jeffries and only when I started to import some of these from a not so relieable source that I realized there was so many types of re conditioned work done. Just because you see a new bellows does not mean anything. Just because you see a name like Wheatstone, you might be buying Aluminium reeds and hook action which do not work as well as riveted action.

At this point you need to know there were 150,000 Latchenals made and there were different types and varying quality levels. I would be guessing at the Wheatstone figure of 50,000 a lot of these old big name had only hook action and not rivet action.

Also worth noting aluminium was used instead of brass on  a lot of the older instruments like Wheatstone as it was cheaper.



Some concertinas were made with rivited levers and these were in the quality bracket but then there are the hook levers that reply on the spring to keep it in place and often these  hook action will not allow the player play at speed,   and this is only realized as the student progresses. 

I personally have no grá for old as I have seen the way reconditioned instrument have been worked on. Most reconditioned instruments even have the same springs that were origionally put into the instrument 100 years ago.

The prices have been exaggerated because people in general think if its a Wheatstone or whatever its top of the range and only the experts really know the  quality ones from rubbish. 


The reason I started making concertinas was the demand  for the instrument has been going up in the last 10 years and I can see that even the newly made concertinas are overpriced.

I intend to have 2 different concertinas available before this summer, The  Clare concertina has been available for the past  2 years and has sold over 150 to date.

 Our new Vintage is now available for the past year and it has vintage reeds and sound as good as a quality old Vintage type.

All that said The parts in our Clare are better than most other makers use and the sound quality is better than most especially on the low octive reeds where we have experimented until we got it right.